OVS Orbit is always seeking new content. To propose an episode, please email Ben Pfaff with a little bit about yourself and the proposed topic and perhaps a few aspects of it that are worth exploring.

OVS Orbit interviews aim to be between 30 and 45 minutes long, but some end up being shorter or longer.

Recording episodes in person maximizes audio quality, but it is also possible to record phone calls, etc.

Episode Outline

There are many possible interview formats, but in practice most OVS Orbit episodes follow the general outline below.

  1. Host introduction: Host announces the program and names and briefly introduces the guests.

  2. Guest introduction: Guests add some details about themselves.

  3. Topic introduction: Guest or host introduces the high-level topic and adds enough background that people can follow if they don't already know anything about the topic, but do have a basic background in networking in SDN.

  4. Topic followup: What are the use cases for the topic, where did it come from, how did you get involved with it, what's the motivation for it, what keeps you interested in this area, how does the business model work?

  5. Zeroing in on a subtopic: Host and guests discuss some aspect of the overall topic that they (ideally) identified in advance, and go into depth about it. It's nice to identify multiple potential topics just in case the discussion on one turns out to be short. If the subtopic isn't directly related to Open vSwitch or software switching, this segment tries to draw out some relationship.

    This is usually the longest part of the podcast.

  6. Future: What's happening next, in the subtopic or larger topic? What are issues for concern? What questions need to be answered?

  7. Other: Is there anything else the interviewee wants to talk about that we missed?

  8. Finding out more: Where should listeners go to find out more, such as a project website. Sometimes, contact information for the speakers, such as a personal website or Twitter or other social media handle.